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Top 4 Tips for Success When Developing Mobile Device Technology 

NUU has been a custom Android device manufacturer since 2015. Launching just a year after the Android operating systems passed one billion active users in 2014. Today, Android is by far the most popular operating system for smartphones and other mobile devices. Our goal when we began building Android-powered hardware was to establish NUU Enterprise as a high-quality provider of affordable, custom devices. Modern mobile technology, and especially digital communication, has developed rapidly since 2020. The value of remote learning, work, communication, and the devices that made these options possible became especially clear due to the COVID-19 pandemic. NUU Enterprise has worked hard as a mobile technology manufacturer to develop our own tools for telehealth, remote work, and other online systems.

Mobile Technology Manufacturer

As a mobile technology manufacturer we work with a broad range of clients to build turnkey solutions that fulfill their technological and user requirements. Here’s the tip off. Four of NUU’s best features and benefits that help drive our customers’ success include:


NUU team members communicate directly with customers at every step of the design and production process. We don’t use chatbots or fallback solutions like cookie-cutter templates for any of our work as a custom smartphone manufacturer. Clients can access and communicate with our project managers, fabricators, and customer service team from the initial consultation to delivery of a quality finished product.

Flexible design:

Because our devices are fully customizable, our designs are highly flexible solutions that can be altered in multiple capacities to fit client needs. Whether you need a mobile platform for a small team or a supply of multi-use devices that will be ideal for telehealth or other remote reporting, NUU devices can fill those requirements. Our Enterprise hardware can be customized including bluetooth, cameras, battery, wifi, and carrier networks. We specialize in building from scratch, so even if you have a vision we haven’t manufactured before, we are ready to start a brand-new project with your goals at the forefront.

Mobile technology management:

One of the newer developments for digital solutions at an organizational level is the use of mobile device management (MDM) systems. MDM is a highly useful tool for company-owned devices that are utilized on a short-term basis by employees or other parties. Customizations such as locking the device to allow only the use of approved apps or features can keep the user focused on the functionality for which the device is designed. This is also important in improving security of information. Telehealth is a great example of an industry using MDM systems for effective doctor-patient communication or patient monitoring. 

Vertical integration:

NUU operates with vertical integration, so we can perform multiple stages of production in-house. This eliminates issues that can come from supply chain shortages, shipment delays, and many other problems that add costs to a project. It also means we can completely control quality in each stage of manufacturing, from material sourcing to packaging and shipping.


NUU is a mobile technology manufacturer offering custom options to a wide range of industries, including telehealth, logistics, retail, and more. For more information about us as a mobile technology manufacturer, fill out our contact form today. You can also contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected]

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