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With best-in-class, highly adaptable Android hardware and software solutions, we’ll work with you to create an enterprise mobility solution that propels your business forward.

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Enterprise ready mobile devices
Need something simple and turnkey? Look no further. Our secure, Android-powered devices give your enterprise an easy and affordable way to communicate efficiently and effectively.
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Modified mobile solutions
Take any one of our secure Android devices and make it your own. With customized enterprise hardware and software solutions, NUU will create the perfect fleet of mobile devices for your business.
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Custom mobile initiatives
Have an idea that could use a customized mobility solution? Our team will get it done with emerging technologies that create a clear advantage. If the solution doesn't already exist, we'll build it from scratch together.
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Hardware and Software customization

We appreciate that no two customers are alike, so we offer extreme flexibility and customization. Our hardware is fully customizable and adaptable to any use case. Rebrand a readymade product or collaborate with our team to design an entirely new suite of solutions. Whatever you need. Whatever it takes.

Value Without Compromise

We give you access to high-end Android technology without the usual price tag. Every product is Google-certified, and our devices have all the functionality of their competitors – with a lower cost of entry and ownership. The benefits of our technology go straight to your bottom line.

Agility at the Speed of Business

Our team moves fast — and doesn’t stop at the purchase order. We stay with you through the entire life cycle and offer on-demand adaptability as your business needs evolve. True partnership isn’t proven on Day One. It’s all the days that come after.

Form Factor

Durability meets modern design in a versatile hardware portfolio for different deployment requirements. Build for any use case, and rest easy with our reliable supply chain.


We can provide different requirements, from Wi-fi only to global network connectivity in over 130 countries.

Extended Life Cycle

No more worrying about consumer devices going end-of-life. Our high-quality hardware is strategically designed to maximize the device life cycle because rapid turnover of devices wastes money and time. Our Android-powered devices are built to last and accommodate software and app updates for years to come.

End-to-End High-Touch Service

From manufacturing the hardware, to custom branding, kitting, software and MDM services- we’re a best-in-class team dedicated to providing you the easiest and best experience from start to finish.

Secure and Certified

NUU mobile devices pass the most rigorous security and certification tests, giving you and your business the peace of mind you need. And because we operate in 30 countries, we have a global view of cyber threats that will help protect your enterprise.


We provide a wide range of options to meet your needs without over-building. We provide different levels of customization to match your enterprise’s resources and strategy.

Updates on your terms

No unexpected updates from OEMs breaking your app. All changes to your devices are 100% controlled by you.



The food and beverage industry has always struggled with supply issues, leaving billions of pounds of food wasted each year. Now in the age of the pandemic, there are shortages across the system that are making life extremely difficult for restaurants. Imagine the impact a robust mobility solution could have on this tangled chain, allowing professionals from end to end to track shipments with more precision in real-time. Restaurants and retailers could order with more precision, too, avoiding overages and shortages throughout the system. That’s the world that NUU is building with a team of crafty engineers that are exploring new solutions to the many inventory issues that have historically dogged this industry. Imagine the savings that would create for your bottom line and the good it could do for the world at large.

Doctors used to make house calls, and when you look at the tremendous expense of running a hospital system, maybe they were on to something. NUU phones are, in fact, mobile computers that can be repurposed to bring sophisticated medical analysis and telehealth solutions to any remote location. Imagine the possibilities if the next generation of medical systems is a highly efficient hybrid system that uses mobile technology to bring more and more health care to the patient, keeping the physical footprint of the medical center small. NUU mobility changes everything.

Technology can be the great equalizer — if we make it. But right now, the digital divide is preventing some children from accessing the materials they need to get a quality education and blossom into successful adults. Just imagine what could happen if we change that. By creating affordable mobile devices that don’t need a never-ending slate of upgrades and modifications, NUU is working towards a future in which children have the tech they need to stay ahead in the classroom and flourish outside of it.

Imagine never having to worry about your logistics or the hardware and software you use to manage them. More and more, factories and warehouses are relying on mobility solutions to track, locate and assess inventory. Sometimes, those devices simply aren’t able to keep up with demand. One tiny error can throw off an entire system; it happens every day. And even when your tech is running smoothly, there’s often the possibility of user error. The NUU team is flipping that script, crafting intuitive devices that don’t require hefty user manuals or days of work to catch on.

Imagine a retail experience that was defined by the fun of discovery instead of cumbersome old rituals like fitting rooms and standing in line at the register. An employee armed with NUU mobile technology could use an augmented reality app to help customers check the fit and look of every outfit without any need for a dressing room. If they like what they see, that same employee could ring them up on the same mobile device without lines or registers. That’s the kind of customer-centric retail experience the NUU team can create with our full suite of mobility solutions. And this would leave retailers free to focus on designing experiences that are more inspired and entertaining, which is the best way to fight against the growing convenience of shopping online.

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