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Our mobile device management (MDM) solutions offer features like location tracking, custom reporting, and Android Enterprise support. Enjoy a sleek and seamless solution for your customers, your team, or both with NUU Enterprise solutions.

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Curious about how MDM can help your business?

What can MDM software provide?

Mobile Device Management streamlines device deployment, enhances productivity, and safeguards sensitive information, making it an essential solution for efficient and secure mobile device usage in corporate environments. Whether you need 100 devices or 100,000, we have solutions for you.

Benefits of using MDM software

Using a mobile device management system on Android devices has many benefits for your business. Not only do companies gain the ability to configure, secure and monitor mobile devices from one dashboard, but they can also keep corporate data safe while giving their employees access to all the needed tools and information.

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Enhanced data security

With company issued mobile devices, employees can access sensitive data anywhere they have a connection and ensure this data remains secure at all times.

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Increased productivity

By streamlining processes such as device enrollment, controlling permissions and deploying apps remotely, IT departments will save time and energy. MDM enables organizations to manage content and updates to their fleet of mobile devices.

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MDM helps organizations to comply with regulations and standards such as HIPAA for telehealth devices, or any security policies that need to be maintained.

Industries utilizing Mobile Device Management

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Logistics & Operations

MDM in logistics can manage a large fleet of devices helping to find the most efficient delivery routes and ensure those routes are being followed.

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School districts can deploy large amounts of tablets using MDM software allowing only specific apps and websites to keep students focused.

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Tablets running MDM for retail can be converted to a POS using kiosk mode or be used by associates to locate backstock.

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MDM healthcare applications range from using tablets for patient data to locking a device to run certain apps for remote patient monitoring.

Podcast appearance with 42Gears

Take a listen as Tim Clemens, COO of NUU Mobile, joins the Enterprise Mobility Expeditions Podcast from 42Gears to discuss secrets to maximize hardware and MDM for robust device management strategies.

Frequently asked questions

Get the answers you need about mobile device management.

What is Mobile Device Management for Android?

Mobile device management (MDM) is a software solution businesses can utilize to secure and remotely manage mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that run on Android operating systems. Among the many benefits of using MDM technology is the ability to have full control over a whole fleet of mobile devices from one dashboard.

What Are The Benefits of Mobile Device Management?

MDM technology allows both devices and users to be fully managed remotely. Management features include device provisioning, geo-fencing, data backup and security, enforcement of compliance protocols, OTA device updates, file sharing, application control and many other features. Most MDM solutions are OS agnostic and allow the ability to mix desktops, phones, tablets, and any IoT (Internet of Things) device.

Do MDM Solutions Secure Android Devices and Data?

Most mobile device management software helps setup Android encryption features. Remote management is another way MDM’s provide data security. Using MDM, your IT department can enforce secure passwords, grant and revoke privileges, and remotely lock or wipe a device that becomes lost or stolen.

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