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Enterprise Mobility Solutions For Business

Whatever industry you’re in and whatever challenges you’re facing, our team will meet you where you are and develop a mobile enterprise solution that moves your business forward.

Industries that benefit from Enterprise Mobile Solutions

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Our mission is to make healthcare available for all. Telehealth is growing exponentially, we’re already working with some of the largest health care organizations to create the future of mobile health care through remote patient monitoring. We have industry-leading compliance and are HIPPA compliant so you can feel confident and secure. The solution comes from business mobile device management–the right software and the right hardware, right when it's needed. Learn more about Mobile Healthcare Solutions.

Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare Case Study

A company that strives to improve remote patient care for those unable to easily travel – a mission made dramatically more relevant in 2020. The customer partners with health clinics, hospitals and other healthcare providers to deliver telehealth solutions to at-risk or under-connected patients.

COVID-19 has forced healthcare providers to get creative. Telehealth has never been more popular or critical, and therefore, neither has MDM or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). The customer needed ready-to-use devices that could be remotely managed, and they also needed the devices returned for repairs and sanitation after each session.

We recommended an Android smartphone with full remote control via MDM. For hardware, we suggested the NUU Mobile X6 Plus. And since the customer did not have the ability to service these devices, they needed NUU Mobile to provide redeployment through forward and reverse logistics – all while maintaining full HIPAA compliance.

Thanks to these custom-provisioned devices, patients had a seamless experience void of any distractions. The MDM makes the device single-use and prevents patients from getting lost within irrelevant areas of the standard Android interface. Meanwhile, the customized X6 Plus allows the patient to communicate with their healthcare providers while remaining safe and comfortable. Users simply have to power up their device to view a customized starting screen tailored to their needs.

That’s just one example of the NUU Difference. Our team has the talent needed to collaborate with a vast array of companies, creating mobile solutions for small businesses as well as large corporations.

Healthcare Case Study




It’s possible to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and remain secure - all at the same time. The logistics industry is getting more mobile by the day, and our deftly-managed mobile devices can help your business manage the supply chain and track your shipments.

Learn more about Mobile Logistics & Fleet Solutions.



Like our work in healthcare, our education projects are motivated by a strong desire to break down barriers and create access for all. We do that by assuring a longer life cycle and keeping our devices cost-effective. Plus, we keep a tight lid on content and security, ensuring students can remain safe while accessing the knowledge they need.



Our MDM capabilities are game-changing and time-saving. NUU Enterprise uses a one-stop solution to control devices across stores and staff, increasing sales and conversion. This way, everyone wins: The customer has a stronger experience, and your employee efficiency goes up.

Learn more about Mobile Retail Solutions.



Our team can tailor MDM solutions for delivery, management and many other functions. Plus, we keep devices running at peak performance by automatically pushing out the operating system, reducing the cost to update the apps, and meeting all demands of food dispatch and delivery.

The Mobility Advantage For Business

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Mobile Device Management For Business

Understanding the unique challenges that businesses face, NUU offers mobile device management for small to enterprise level businesses. This enables owners to manage and secure their devices, ensuring real-time access to essential business data without compromising on security. Business owners can remain confident knowing their devices, including mobile phones and tablets, are protected with the latest security measures.

Customized Commercial Mobile Solutions

In the commercial sector, our commercial mobile solutions provide a competitive edge. We specialize in modified mobile solutions for industries, tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of each business. This customization extends to custom Android devices for businesses, giving them the flexibility they need to enhance their operations.

An Enterprise-Ready Approach

Regardless of your business size, we believe in providing enterprise-ready mobile devices for business. From startups to large corporations, our solutions are scalable, ensuring real-time communications tools are always at your fingertips.

NUU's Technological Offerings

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Data Security & Protection

With an ever-increasing emphasis on data security, NUU ensures that our devices are Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified meaning they get regular security and OS updates. Not only do we ensure secure mobile solutions, but we also prioritize the safety of your business data using MDM software.

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Wide Range Of Devices & Support

Our offerings encompass a variety of devices including mobile phones, tablets, and specialized IoT devices tailored to specific industry needs. In addition, our esteemed customer services team provides unmatched customer support, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly.

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The NUU Mobility Service

Beyond just devices, our mobility service is designed to provide a holistic solution to businesses. Our sales team will work with you to find the devices and customizations that best fit the needs of your organization. Whether it's integrating communications tools, managing content, or ensuring data security, our services are designed to be comprehensive and easy to set up.

A Promise Of Quality And Support

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Business owners can rest easy knowing that NUU has their back. With a commitment to data security, we are here to ensure your business thrives in the digital age. Our devices, combined with our top-tier services, guarantee a seamless, secure mobile experience for all our clients


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"As our exclusive hardware provider, we have seen firsthand the DNA of NUU. Through their commitment to ensuring a successful partnership and delivering high-quality technology, we were able to seamlessly develop the first-ever, fully functional smartphone for children with unlimited monitoring capabilities for parents, the Aqua One."


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"The partnership we have found with NUU is truly outstanding. For a largescale, custom need for a national rollout in the healthcare field, the NUU devices checked every box we were looking for. Thanks to NUU, we have a very satisfied customer who is growing their own business with NUU hardware. The quality, service, and partnership that we have built with NUU is unlike any that we’ve developed in the industry. We look forward to growing our relationship with new and even bigger opportunities in the months and years to come."


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"KORE is proud to partner with NUU to deliver our new Connected Health Telemetry Solution. We believe this solution will accelerate the time-to-market and adoption of large-scale, remote patient monitoring initiatives. Their quality X6+ handset will help to our customers to quickly incorporate the data telemetry component into their overall connected health offering."

Bryan Lubel, EVP, Connected Health

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