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Healthcare Support We Provide as a Mobile Healthcare Technology Manufacturer

As a HIPAA-compliant mobile healthcare technology manufacturer working with some of the largest health care organizations worldwide, NUU researchers and developers already know the significant benefits and social support systems that telehealth will provide. Mobile healthcare and telehealth systems are already proving invaluable for remote patient monitoring, doctor-patient communications, record access, and more. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic led to global lockdowns and hospital crises, telehealth was a valuable resource for many patients and providers. With our Enterprise Solutions technology, customers can access healthcare via Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). NUU Android smartphones can be configured to offer HIPAA-compliant remote care options for a broad range of customers. Our first 4G LTE AT&T network ready device, Tab 5,has built-in hardware for MDM and EMM care, easy communication with care providers, customizable screen controls, and more. For any customer who relies on telehealth through their smartphone or other device, NUU can support them as an industry-leading mobile healthcare technology manufacturer.

Benefits of Mobile Healthcare Technology

There are many benefits that telehealth provides today, and we will only continue to see those advantages grow and diversify. Some key benefits of mobile healthcare include:

  1. Speed: Both communications and care responses are sped up with the use of telehealth systems. Patients can quickly open a communication channel with their provider with little to no wait time, and care providers can diagnose and treat complaints faster. This can be especially important for emergencies, chronic conditions, and post-operation monitoring.
  2. Efficiency: For care providers, administration, and scheduling staff in particular, mobile health systems offer a significant efficiency boost. Digital systems help physicians quickly access patient records, collaborate with specialists, manage appointments, and communicate with pharmacies. Admin staff can reduce errors and communicate in an organized way with insurance companies and other third parties. Documents and other data are automatically categorized and processed quickly.
  3. Security: Because our systems are HIPAA-compliant and have built-in security for data privacy and personal health protection, our mobile healthcare tools are safer than more analog solutions. To achieve HIPAA compliance certification and adhere to healthcare privacy laws in other countries, we rigorously follow patient data protection laws from the United States. NUU Android devices and operating systems are used worldwide for telehealth systems that are secure and protected against privacy violations.

Need for Telehealth Mobile Devices

For customers in need of telehealth mobile devices and applications, our Android phones and tablets have proven to be highly user-friendly. Patients can quickly learn our systems and often find them easier to navigate compared to standard Android interfaces. We can implement mobile devise management (MDM) software with zero-touch functionality. Also, our first 4G LTE AT&T network ready device, Tab 5 system is fully customizable to fit any remote healthcare need.  NUU Enterprise also offers the value added services, including 3PL service (all warehouse and drop shipping service), reverse logistics and UV sterilization.”

To learn more about our mobile devices suited to the healthcare system or for more information about NUU as a mobile healthcare technology manufacturer, fill out your NUU Enterprise For device troubleshooting, contact our technical support at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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