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Medical Device Innovation

Telehealth, or mobile medical care, has existed in some formats for several years. Online hospital portals, remote doctor visits, email forms, and other types of digital medical care have been available for over 15 years, but the bulk of modern telehealth access and current technology were developed only in the last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus caused international shelter-in-place orders, non-essential worker lockdowns, and generally forced millions of people to quarantine. This quarantine, in addition to the many hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, led to a greater demand for online healthcare and telehealth systems. As a custom smartphone manufacturer, NUU Enterprise has been building Android-powered devices to meet telehealth needs since 2015. The impact the coronavirus had on telehealth only enhanced our mission to make healthcare available to all, including underserved communities. We work with some of the largest healthcare organizations to implement our smartphones as effective telehealth systems.


Telehealth has been one of the largest innovations the medical device industry has ever experienced. Telehealth not only lets people get annual checkups and minor diagnoses from afar, but it also helps people with long-term conditions and provides millions of people access to ongoing mental health care.

Custom Smartphone Manufacturer

We are a custom smartphone manufacturer working to provide devices that meet the needs of the telehealth industry for patients, care providers, and organizational administrative healthcare systems. These devices are essential for important services, treatments, and data management, such as:

  • Remote patient monitoring: One of the most significant benefits of telehealth technology is the ability to remotely monitor patients with a wide range of care requirements. Remote monitoring allows patients to receive care more quickly than in-person visits, which results in better patient outcomes. This type of care is also less expensive and alleviates overscheduling for caregivers.
  • Chronic condition care: Not only does remote monitoring benefit patients who need to see a doctor for an acute need, it also helps patients with chronic conditions. Telehealth software can organize information about medications, collect patient-entered data, and keep detailed information about patient vitals, symptoms, and general wellbeing.
  • Mental health therapy: Another significant benefit of telehealth medicine is the mental health aspect. Presently, remote therapy is virtually as common and almost as popular as in-person sessions. Remote mental health care enables patients to fully utilize their appointment times, feel more empowered to discuss topics in their physical comfort zone, and message their therapists within secure data systems.
  • Data collection: Overall, telehealth systems have valuable information-gathering capabilities. Digital medical systems can secure patient data, financial records, and scheduling statistics, analyze that information, and provide solutions that reduce cost, boost staff morale, communicate better with patients, and more.


Enterprise mobile development uses mobile device management technology to enable healthcare systems to use devices as telehealth tools. As a custom smartphone manufacturer, NUU Enterprise works with healthcare providers to develop mobile medical solutions customized to their exact needs. For more information, fill out our contact form. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected]

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