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How NUU Enterprise Mobile Development Helps Propel Telehealth Forward

The use of mobile devices, remote communication systems, and healthcare applications grew exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With hospitals overwhelmed, communities on lockdown, and a clear goal of stopping the spread of the virus healthcare providers of all kinds and their patients looked to telehealth systems for support. From therapy appointments to monitoring chronic illnesses, patients and healthcare professionals worked together to make remote treatments an effective option. Because of the growing demand for more efficient, easier to use, and safer telehealth tools, NUU made it a goal to establish a high-quality Android device with a streamlined operating system that makes mobile healthcare a priority. Our X6 Plus Android Smartphone is perfectly suited to HIPAA-compliant mobile healthcare with full remote control through mobile device management (MDM). The X6 Plus is a premier enterprise mobile development solution for telehealth support in the United States.

NUU Enterprise Mobile Development

The NUU enterprise mobile development and research team built the X6 Plus with a pre-installed MDM system to meet remote healthcare needs. The X6 Plus Android device is suitable for both care provider and patient use, with MDM capabilities that offer remote control of configurations, data, and other administrative aspects from anywhere in the world.

The core values we worked into this NUU system for telehealth include:

Connectivity: X6 Plus is able to connect with all major cellular networks, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, as well as easily interface with different wifi systems. Every device can receive remote updates Over the Air (OTA) to maintain the best security and allow for maintenance when needed.

MDM: MDM capabilities are important for any single-use or short-term use devices, but for mobile healthcare, it’s especially key to have built-in MDM to control security, protect patient and doctor information, and remotely redeploy the Android smartphone. NUU phones running MDM software ensures a streamlined use of mobile devices for telehealth of all kinds.

Customizable: Because our X6 Plus devices are single- or short-term use systems, they are also fully customizable to meet a diverse set of customer needs. We know each customer desires flexibility and an operating system that can be quickly learned. With a telehealth-oriented design, we’ve eliminated unnecessary interfacing that is part of other standard Android systems.

Regulations: To protect personal data, healthcare privacy, hospital records, and all other information that falls under HIPAA and other laws, our telehealth operating systems are fully secure. X6 Plus devices adhere to medical industry regulations for the United States, with the required controls and security features.

Devices like the X6 Plus that are specifically designed to be used as telehealth tools will help push remote healthcare into the future. We partner with leading EMM and MDM providers including 42 Gears, SOTI, VMware and Scalefusion to expand our enterprise mobile development and research work in the telehealth industry.

To learn more about the X6 Plus for mobile healthcare, fill out your NUU Enterprise connect form online today. You can also contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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