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How Students Benefit from Mobile / Remote Learning Device Integration in Schools

The use of digital tools in education systems dates as far back as the 1980s, when computers became part of the early technology curriculum. By the time the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe at the beginning of 2020, mobile devices, tablets, and the Internet of Things (IOT) were already a large part of the school setting. However, because the pandemic compelled the shutdown of all non-essential in-person activities, including classrooms, remote learning options were developed further than ever before. This included expanded use of tablets and smartphones for learning, and development of curriculums adapted to remote learning devices. Today, more than three years after the first international surges of the coronavirus, remote learning and the use of smart devices in routine curriculums at all levels of education have become standard practice. At NUU Enterprise, we work with our customers to develop unique, comprehensive solutions for their mobile device needs in the classroom. We build Android-powered phones and tablets that fit seamlessly into any school’s curriculum, educational principles, branding, and more.

The Importance of Remote Learning Devices

Now that remote learning devices have become a core resource in the U.S. education system, research has been done to pinpoint patterns in student behavior and specific advantages from using mobile technology as a teaching supplement.

Benefits of Remote Learning Devices

Some of the greatest benefits students and educators report from supporting their curriculum and teaching systems with e-learning technology include:


While an initial investment in e-learning technology might seem significant, the integration of these tools can cost students and schools less in the long run. The potentially exorbitant expense of textbooks and need for annual upgrades is reduced and schools spend less to keep their libraries and teaching tools up-to-date. Additionally, opportunities to buy tablets or smartphones in bulk directly from NUU can significantly reduce per unit costs for even the best mobile device technology.

Custom options:

With NUU, schools can customize their hardware and software systems to meet the exact needs and styles of their administration. This means students benefit from user-friendly systems that only feature tools and applications that support their learning process. By keeping a tight lid on security and the content available on tablets and phones, we ensure that students remain safe while accessing information important to education.

Out-of-school support:

Studies show that online learning and remote classroom sessions actually have higher retention rates than in-person education. Compared to face-to-face learning, online classrooms have retention rates that are 17-50% higher. Students can get help outside of regular classroom hours because they can easily email teachers and other students and even take part in ongoing classroom discussions in forums and chats.


Another important benefit students gain with remote learning is improved accessibility. E-learning can be adjusted as needed for students with learning, cognitive, visual, hearing, and physical disabilities. The virtual classroom itself is more accessible to everyone, and device specifications can be altered to create better learning conditions for all students, including those with anxiety or other social disorders.

For more information about our custom remote learning devices and how those systems benefit students, fill out our contact form today. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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