Revolutionizing Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Welcome to the age of smart healthcare, where mobile technology merges seamlessly with medical expertise. NUU Enterprise pioneers this transformation, offering the healthcare industry unparalleled mobile health solutions.

Why NUU Enterprise? The Edge in Healthcare Mobility

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Comprehensive Solutions:

We don't just offer handheld mobile phones and tablets, we also offer solutions to improve security and ease-of-use all while providing excellent customer support. From custom built integrated healthcare mobile solutions to robust telehealth devices, NUU is your all-in-one partner.

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Excellence in MDM:

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) healthcare partners ensure you manage every mobile device with unmatched efficiency, keeping patients' information safe and operations smooth.

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Expanding Horizons with Telehealth:

Embrace the future of healthcare with mobile telehealth solutions, including virtual doctor visits and cloud-based technology to make your medical information accessible to caregivers, doctors, and loved ones in real time. Reaching even the remote areas, ensuring no patient is left behind.

Curious about how NUU Enterprise can help your business?

Integrated Healthcare Mobile Solutions:
The Future of Patient Care

The healthcare system is evolving, and so are its needs.

Healthcare organizations need agile and adaptable solutions, and that’s where NUU Enterprise steps in. Combined with a MDM, our smartphones, tablets and IoT devices provide secure communication and data transfer, and provides your organization the ability to deploy devices at scale to employees without manually configuring each device:

Efficiency in Operations

With our mobile enterprise solutions for healthcare, managing electronic health records becomes a breeze.

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A Boost in Quality

We're not just about technology; we're about high quality. Improve healthcare communication by bridging the gap between the patient and medical providers.

Data Integrity

With rising concerns over data breaches, MDM commercial healthcare solutions ensure patient information remains secure.

Device Lifecycle Management

Our mobile device manager covers every MDM medical device from deployment to retirement.

Update Wirelessly

An IT manager can update all policies and content on devices through over-the-air transfers

Lock Devices

An MDM has the ability to lock down devices to only access approved apps and features

Mobile Devices for Healthcare

NUU Enterprise began working with a medical device customer that wanted to improve care for its diabetic patients. The idea was to utilize a mobile device that would act as a controller to be used with an insulin delivery system, administering timely injections.

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