Logistics Management
with Mobile Fleet Solutions

Fleet and logistics management is a complex process that involves organizing, coordinating, and overseeing a fleet of vehicles used for transportation and delivery. Its primary aim is to ensure efficient, cost-effective, and safe transportation of goods.

Challenges in Logistics Management

Rising Fuel Costs

Regular Fleet Maintenance

Effective Route Planning

Timely Deliveries

Monitoring Driver Behavior and Performance

Schedule Management

Lack of Sustainable Practices

Transportation Regulation Compliance

Customized Fleet Device Management

driver using phone for fleet logistics management

Live Monitoring

NUU devices connect with 3rd party fleet management device peripherals to allow for live monitoring capabilities such as fuel consumption, allowing you to track it instantly and identify patterns and potential areas for improvement.

fleet management mobile apps

Business Applications

Dedicated software like Driveroo can be used on mobile devices for the fleet industry along with customized business apps.

delivery person using phone for logistics management

Tracking Software

Supply chain mobility devices can use tracking software to allow package scanning for better tracking and reporting. This ensures cargo is accounted for and delivered safely.

map app on smartphone for fleet management

Route Optimization

Mobile devices deliver real-time traffic updates and offer alternative routes to avoid delays, ensuring you always take the most efficient path. Route optimization also improves fuel efficiency, reducing costs and increasing your bottom line.

man using tablet tracking app for fleet location management

Improved Communication

Tablets and mobile devices improve communication between drivers and fleet managers, so information flows smoothly.

delivery driver using tablet for fleet management


Digital documentation reduces paper consumption and manual logging. This increases productivity and makes a positive contribution to environmental sustainability.

man using smartphone for fleet scheduling

Schedule Management

Driver schedules and vehicle use can be better managed in a central hub to avoid clashes and overworked employees.

mechanic using tablet for logistics management

Fleet Maintenance

Having digital vehicle maintenance records readily available makes it easy to stay on top of regular servicing and logistics management. It also lowers the chances of unexpected breakdowns.

person in warehouse using tablet for fleet logistics management

Inventory Management

Customized mobile apps allow fleet managers to remotely oversee inventory control and account for assets.

Why Work with NUU Enterprise

Our dedicated sales team is ready to collaborate with you closely, ensuring that we fully grasp your specific needs and preferences for mobile device customization.

Make privacy and protection a top priority in logistics management. Our mobile device management partners offer a solution to monitor assets, ensuring their security.

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Get Started with Cost-Effective Technology

NUU Enterprise offers a wide selection of mobile devices for operations, along with durable cases and screen protectors. Experience the power of NUU as it revolutionizes fleet management. Our devices act as reliable hubs for fleet management mobile solutions. You can effortlessly streamline your logistics management with a solution tailored to your specific needs.