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Top Benefits of Using Enterprise Devices For Your Business

If you’re up to speed with the latest technological developments, you’ll agree that enterprise devices are the need of the hour for businesses. You may struggle to find device support and manage outdated software by using devices geared for the consumer market. This is not a good scenario for your business, especially when you rely on cutting-edge hardware and software  technology for your day to day tasks. We will discuss the benefits of high-performance enterprise smartphones for your business. After reading this post, you will agree that quality enterprise phone is a must to ensure  consistency and growth. Read on. 

What are Enterprise Devices?

Enterprise devices like tablets and smartphones are designed for business use. They often feature more powerful processors than consumer devices and are made to be rugged to withstand the rigors of business environments. Furthermore, enterprise devices often have specialized software designed for business use. They may be locked down to run only approved applications. Or they may come with pre-installed software that allows IT departments to manage devices remotely.

For example, you can restrict the use of applications like Facebook or Instagram for your enterprise devices if you want to. This is especially useful if you want to prevent employees from wasting time on their devices and get them to focus on work tasks instead.

Consumer Phone vs. Enterprise Phone: Understanding the Difference

While they may look similar on the outside, there are several differences regarding the software of consumer and enterprise tablets and phones. Let’s understand them in detail.

Consumer Phones

Consumer phones are designed for personal use and come with many applications that the user may not need. For example, a consumer phone will come with a music player, a camera, and other applications that the user may not need for work. Also, the application lockdown feature is absent in such phones. Furthermore, these phones are not restricted when installing apps from the Play Store.

Enterprise Phones

Enterprise phones are designed for business use, and their hardware and software can be customized for enterprise requirements. For example, an enterprise phone can be locked down so that only approved applications can be used. 

Other features of enterprise phones include:

  • Remote Wipe: allows an administrator to remotely delete all the data on a phone if it is lost or stolen.
  • Application Store: This is a store maintained by the business and only includes applications approved for use by the enterprise.
  • Device Tracking: This feature allows an administrator to track a device’s location.

Merits of Using Enterprise Phone For Your Business

Now that we have looked at the difference between Consumer and Enterprise phones let’s look at the benefits of using Enterprise Devices for your business.

Improved Productivity

The most common type of workplace distractions are phone calls and text messages. With an Enterprise Device, employees can’t receive or make phone calls and can focus more. In addition, Enterprise Devices have other features that can help to increase productivity, such as email and calendar synchronization. This ensures that employees have access to their work schedule at all times and can easily stay on top of their tasks.

Improved Security

As we mentioned before, Enterprise Devices can be locked down so that only approved applications can be used. This helps to prevent employees from downloading malware onto their devices, potentially jeopardizing your network’s security. Furthermore, Enterprise Devices often have built-in security features such as device tracking and remote wipe. These features allow you to remotely delete all the data on a lost or stolen device and track its location.

Increased Efficiency

Enterprise Devices can be equipped with special software that allows employees to access work-related information more easily. For example, some Enterprise Devices come with barcode scanners that can be used to scan products and pull up information about them instantly.

Improved Communication

With an Enterprise Device, employees can easily stay in touch via company email, instant messaging, and video conferencing. This is especially useful for businesses with employees working remotely or in different locations.

Increased Mobility

Enterprise Devices are designed for employees who need to be able to work from anywhere. For example, some custom android devices like tablets have built-in cellular data so employees can stay connected even when they are away from Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the long-lasting batteries in these devices are ideal for employees who are always on the go.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enterprise Devices often have features that allow for enhanced collaboration, such as document sharing and real-time editing. This is especially useful for businesses that need to be able to work on projects together regardless of location.

Improved Customer Service

With an Enterprise Device, employees can have quick and easy access to customer information. For example, if a customer calls with a question, the employee can quickly pull up their account information and address the issue.

Final Word

There are many benefits of using Enterprise Devices for your business. These devices can help improve productivity, communication, and collaboration while providing enhanced security and reduced costs. So if you are looking for a way to give your business a competitive edge, investing in enterprise devices is a great option.

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