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Use of Durable and Rugged Tablet Mobile Device Systems

In the past 10 years, many different industries have become increasingly mobile, using mobile devices as tools for communication, production records, scheduling, and more. Even industries like agriculture and food service utilize various formats of mobile daily. Because of the significantly increased use of smartphones and tablets throughout industries, mobile device management (MDM) systems have become commonplace for many workplace software programs. MDM systems offer employers a secure operating system that can be remotely accessed and structures user activity within a range that is acceptable in a professional setting. For example, MDM systems may limit internet access or keep databases secured from certain workers. These operating systems or applications are safer for companies, employees, and customers alike. In addition to adding security, they also streamline business operations and offer highly functional mobile tools to workers. NUU specializes in designing custom Android-powered devices equipped with MDM systems for a range of industries. When devices will be used in workplaces that may have harsher environments or be passed along to many users, tablets and smartphones can be designed with durable hardware components and rugged cases that protect them against damage.

Rugged Tablet

There are strict requirements followed when a rugged tablet or rugged smartphone designed for mass production. These devices must be impervious or largely invulnerable to the following:

  • Dust and debris
  • Water, oil, and other liquids
  • Chemicals
  • Falls and hits
  • Vibrations
  • Loud sounds
  • Temperature extremes
  • Food products
  • Heavy use
  • Sunlight

Longer Battery Life

In addition to holding up against these factors, rugged devices have a much longer battery life and greater storage than typical smartphones and tablets. Rugged touch screens also respond to gloved or wet hands.

Along with industrial smartphones and industrial tablets, rugged devices may be used in a broad range of industries. In the field for energy companies, oil and gas pipeline workers, surveyors, farmers, and many other workers who are often outdoors, rugged devices allow instant access to important information and communication. Manufacturing and construction companies often utilize rugged devices that hold up against vibrations, heat, and high sound decibels.

Rugged Tablets in Schools and Restaurants

Because of the high level of usage and larger number of users in general, rugged devices are also useful for mobile systems in schools and restaurants. Tablets and smartphones are often passed between students or staff multiple times a day. Using durable devices in this type of setting can limit the risk of damage.

At NUU, we make sure that our rugged tablets and smartphones are highly durable without sacrificing their high functionality, intelligent software, or Android operating systems. For more information about rugged devices and our preferred MDM systems, fill out our contact form online today. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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