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NUU Transforms Mobile Enterprise Solutions

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes across all sectors. Amid the pandemic, the digital transformation accelerated, with businesses becoming more reliant on mobile technology and devices to conduct business. It became clear that businesses need access to enterprise-ready phones, tablets, and MDM (mobile device management) solutions to help them manage and secure their data and people. NUU has stepped into the mobile enterprise market, providing enterprise ready devices and solutions designed to meet businesses’ needs. Take a look at NUU’s story and how they are doing mobile differently to impact the lives of their customers and clients positively.

Who is NUU?

NUU constantly focuses on developing innovative and high-quality mobile devices to make life easier for our customers. At NUU, we are always looking at simple ways to help you connect to the world around you as easily as possible.

How NUU started

Danny Sit

Danny Sit, tech pioneer, and founder of NUU realized that people were overpaying for the privileges offered by premium smartphones. So it got him thinking if there were ways to bring premium features to affordable smartphones. 

NUU entered the market in 2015 when the biggest decision customers had to make was whether to go for premium smartphones or settle with knockoffs. Danny believed premium, customizable, and affordable mobile devices would make businesses and customers think differently around what enterprise devices could look like – customers took notice

Understanding the challenges 

  • Lack of (implementation) knowledge of basic Android Enterprise and/or MDM services
  • Lack of knowledge on handling compliance regulations and access sensitive business data (MDM deployment)
  • Limitation of customization with hardware (mobile devices/tablets) and/or expertise on software, but lack of understanding on hardware
  • Not satisfied with the basic MDM UI and API features 
  • Limitation of the customized solutions to fit the company/industry needs

How NUU’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions Fit the Industry Requirements

nuu enterprise android phones and tablets blog

NUU has over 43 years of expert R&D and manufacturing experience in ODM & OEM projects, developing high-quality mobile devices for various budgets. NUU’s Enterprise-ready and Google GMS-certified Android devices are rugged and reliable, making them affordable and ideal for various industries

Focusing on security and customer data protection, NUU’s Android smartphones and tablets are vetted by engineers and equipped with features that make it easy for businesses to keep their data safe. 

How we do things differently  

To do things differently, NUU focused on the impact areas that gives customers more value and customization. From hardware to software NUU provides simple to advanced customization setting them apart from what is currently available available the in the market.  

A glimpse into the enterprise-focused possibilities below: 

  1. Enterprise-ready mobile devices
    • Choose any Android device (or form factor)
    • White label Android devices with customer branding
    • Value-added services – staging and kitting, as well as 3PL services
  2. Modified mobile solutions
    • MDM services
      • Zero-touch enrollment, kiosk mode, account and apps management – security, location tracking and managed MDM services all in one platform
    • Accelerated deployments
      • Vertically integrated, faster time to market, and international distribution
  3. Custom mobile device development
    • Hardware modifications
      • Specifications level hardware (including but not limited to WiFi, Bluetooth, camera). 
      • Consulting and advice on device (i.e. cellular bands) selection 
    • Tailormade systems
      • AOSP and non-standard API to ensure the customer can customize their Android framework, and/or user interface (UI).
    • Expert Experience
      • Millions of customized devices in the market 
      • Support extended life-cycle products
      • Industry certifications 

Recent Developments at NUU

NUU took its product development to the next level by equipping smartphones with advanced 5G technologies, making it easier and faster for users to connect with the business partners globally. NUU is also proud to be the go-to partner for several electronic brands worldwide for smartphone and tablet ODM projects.

What’s Next

Danny looks to focus on developing more customized and focused products, building one vertical at a time. He wants to offer NUU’s client’s mobility solutions catering to their precise requirements.

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