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Large-Scale Mobile Fleet Management with Custom MDM Systems

If a company or organization uses multiple mobile devices for clients or their workforce, they may find handling many smartphones and tablets challenging. Some companies work with hundreds of devices assigned to hundreds of employees. On an even larger scale, the U.S. government provides a workforce of thousands with smartphones and laptops requiring heightened security measures. Mobile fleet management is a way to handle all these different devices.

What is Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the practice of using software that allows for the automation, control, and security of laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Utilizing MDM systems to manage devices on a larger scale requires customization of solutions to fit a client’s exact requirements. NUU Enterprise builds Android-powered smartphones and tablets that are tailored to customer needs, including enterprise solutions for large-scale multiple device management. The MDM systems we use are capable of handling hundreds of devices deployed throughout a workforce. With NUU enterprise solutions, mobile fleet management can be affordable, streamlined, and secure.

Mobile Fleet Management

When mobile fleet management includes large scale deployment to employees, clients, and other users, the biggest concern for any industry is security. The larger a mobile device system gets, the greater the risk for data breaches or user activity going beyond company terms. When we work with clients who will be deploying many devices to their workforce, we integrate rigorous security measures to prevent any compromise of safety.

App Distribution and Management

Managing apps and other documents on a fleet of mobile devices is made simple with a MDM solution. With MDM, IT administrators can easily distribute and update approved apps to all devices simultaneously. Additionally, each device can be locked to only access these apps using kiosk mode, ensuring security. Organizations can also securely push and update documents of various file formats in an environment that prevents third-party apps from accessing them.

Internet Access

The first concern of a large-scale mobile device system is user internet access. Not only can full internet access be distracting for employees, it can also open up secure systems to bots and other dangers. Mobile device management solutions can limit and filter areas of the internet accessible on mobile devices including configuring and managing corporate Wi-Fi and VPN settings. This can be especially important when device users are minors as in some educational settings. 

Device Scanning

For an MDM system of any size, we can implement device scanning operations that monitor company smartphones and tablets to ensure they are functioning within acceptable ranges. This includes scanning storage, activity, data, and additional features. This can also apply to employee-owned devices as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions have become increasingly popular.

Data Separation

In a corporate MDM system, it is important that apps and data can be separated between users. Users may want to bring their own devices and separation is needed between work and personal data. Some users may only require access to certain applications relevant to performing their job, while others may need access to a larger range of device control for administrative duties. Additionally, IT departments and managers may need access to broad ranges of apps and features on their devices.

Any large-scale mobile fleet management system will prioritize security across the board. For more information about the MDM systems, we can integrate into our mobile device offerings, fill out our online contact form. For technical support related to device troubleshooting contact our team at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected]

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