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Record Keeping, Emergency Response, and Other Ways a Medical Tablet Can be Used for Telemedicine

Like many other industries, the medical field has been increasingly mobile over the past ten years. The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic also gave a massive boost to the reliance on remote caregiving and other telehealth systems. Today, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are used throughout various aspects of the medical industry, from virtual appointments to clinical trials. For patients, providers, and administrators, these new mobile tools are highly beneficial. Not only do they make communication quicker and easier, but they also significantly improve the accuracy and breadth of record keeping and the security of that information. Mobile devices approved for use in the medical industry follow strict HIPAA regulations, and telehealth software systems are compliant with hospital privacy requirements as well. For any HIPAA, administrative, and operational needs, a customized fleet of mobile devices can be designed to provide important features. NUU specializes in creating Android-powered smartphones and tablets with mobile device management (MDM) capabilities for a broad range of uses in the medical field. If you need a mobile medical tablet or telehealth smartphone system, NUU devices are your answer.

Medical Tablet

For telehealth and other operations, a NUU medical tablet can meet needs for affordability, function, user interface, security, and data storage. Our devices are used in multiple areas of the medical industry, including:

  • Diagnostics: NUU devices can be equipped with imaging software and integrated scanners that pair with many types of diagnostic tools. They can also store and process large and unique diagnostic files for analysis. This means mobile devices can easily support the collection and examination of diagnostic images.
  • Patient Charts: Thanks to mobile devices, patient charts are more accurate and accessible than ever before. Virtual record keeping allows doctors, staff, and hospital administration quick access to treatment records, current medicines and doses, and much more.
  • In-Patient Care: While telehealth devices are highly useful for virtual care, they can also play a role in in-patient care. When patients are admitted to a hospital bed, they can use the provided devices to review policies, request assistance, order meals, pay bills, and generally record their stay.
  • Emergency Response: EMTs and other emergency care providers also use tablets and smartphones when a 911 call is made. They are used to share information in real time with the hospital, access patient records while on the way to a facility, and even connect with a patient’s doctor for care recommendations.
  • Labs and Pharmacies: Like patient charts, prescription records can be quickly shared with labs and pharmacies from the doctor’s office. This includes medicine types, doses, and any additional information that is shared between labs and doctors.

There are many other uses for a medical tablets or smartphones throughout the telehealth industry. For more information about our devices, fill out our contact form online today. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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