Use of Custom Android Devices and MDM for Education

Remote learning at the college level has been part of the education world for years, but when the coronavirus pandemic caused non-essential services and systems to shut down for months, the scope of remote learning had to be greatly improved and expanded. Three years after the COVID-19 pandemic began, online learning and mobile device management (MDM) for education have evolved significantly. Today, most online and remote learning systems blend virtual curriculums at all education levels with smartphones and other devices. NUU Enterprise has manufactured custom hardware with MDM for education for several years, including adapting our Android-powered systems to the growing demand for e-learning throughout the pandemic. We offer a broad range of devices with fully customizable hardware and unique solutions for MDM in the education field and many other industries, including health, retail, and logistics.

MDM For Education

MDM supports remote learning in many ways. When it comes to utilizing smart phones or tablets for education at any level, from elementary school to higher education programs, there are clear benefits:

  • Flexibility: Mobile devices allow students and teachers to be highly flexible. Classes and exams can be scheduled and attended on a range of dates and timeframes; information sharing is versatile; and meetings can be quickly scheduled via remote communication.
  • Retention: Studies show retention rates for students learning remotely are around 25-60%, compared to rates of 8-10% for in-person learning. Students are able to work with and absorb information at different rates allowing them to take the time they need to study information and practice skills. Something that is often not possible in a shared classroom.
  • Efficiency: Mobile device technology on Android phones or tablets makes it easier to plan classes, take attendance, give directions, set up tests and homework, and structure lessons. These devices can also offer multiple interactive components for instruction, which can help students learn more efficiently.

More Benefits

  • Protection: Students are less likely to be cyberbullied while utilizing a device that can be controlled remotely and only gives them limited access to the internet, apps, and social media. MDM technology also protects staff, faculty, and student data via information security.
  • Communication: With remote learning of any kind, communication is easier between students and teachers. Mobile learning tech makes it even easier to talk to people because it has versatile structures designed for quick emails, texts, or conversations within a class.
  • Cost: Compared to in-person learning systems like textbooks, remote learning devices are actually more cost-effective. Long-term, information can be updated quickly and for less cost, unlike books, furniture, and other classroom materials that are hard to keep up and cost a lot to replace.
  • Workforce training: Because more and more jobs are becoming remote in the post-coronavirus world, students who learn remotely are also getting early workforce training. Online learning experiences can help users adjust more readily to remote work settings, dynamics, and technologies.


These are just a few of the reasons why mobile device technology for education is a powerful and effective tool. To learn more about our Android-powered devices and MDM technology, fill out our contact form today. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected]

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