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Mobile Device Management for Improved Driver Logistics

The logistics and shipping industries have faced years of resource delays, backups, and driver shortages but still represent a system with global reach and undeniable importance. Because of the complexity of worldwide freight and logistics systems in general, the transportation industry is quickly becoming heavily mobile. Mobile systems that can digitally track products, set schedules, and record expenses are a valuable tool for any industry these days. For logistics in particular, these mobile systems can help companies manage large fleets of vehicles and drivers. NUU Enterprise creates custom mobile devices and tablets with a series of accessories specifically designed to handle large-scale transportation, shipping, and other driver logistics on a day-to-day basis. For better security and higher functioning logistics, enterprise mobile solutions and mobile device management (MDM) are industry-leading systems that can benefit even the most complicated and multi-tiered supply chains.

Driver Logistics

With custom Android-powered tablets and smartphones, shipping and transportation companies can tackle major obstacles for better driver logistics and workforce management.

Streamlined production

NUU Enterprise mobile development provides solutions tailored to each customer’s exact needs. Our end-to-end design and production services can turn your mobile device vision into a fully manufactured product including custom packaging and shipping. Whatever your need, from a network of smartphones for drivers with enhanced scheduling systems to Android tablets with time keeping, GPS, and other tracking data, NUU can create solutions that improve work in the field.  Organized maintenance: Mobile devices can be configured to track logistics and schedules and for keeping detailed records of vehicle and equipment maintenance. When maintenance is organized digitally and multiple workers are adding to that collection of data, downtime can be reduced and equipment can last longer, saving money and labor.

Asset Tracking

Our smartphones and tablets can provide GPS tracking for any vehicle. Transportation companies are finding asset tracking via GPS to be invaluable in reducing fuel waste and improving efficiency. These solutions allow the tracking of vehicles with real-time updates to determine if the vehicle is traveling on the best route and at appropriate speed

Records and Inventory in Driver Logistics

The logistics and transportation industries are steeped in record keeping on all levels. Mobile device technology lends itself beautifully to keeping detailed records of complex data, such as inventory, driver actions, materials, storage structures, equipment, and more. When mobile devices are used to record data easily and consistently across an entire system, costs can be reduced, and efficiency increased.

Whatever your needs, related to custom development of smartphones or tablets for drivers or fleet management, NUU can help. Our custom Android-powered devices can be set up perfectly for a multi-tiered logistics system, including mobile device management. For more information, fill out our online contact form. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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