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Android Benefits We Build as a Custom Smartphone Manufacturer

NUU manufactures high-quality Android smartphones that meet a wide variety of business needs, including flexible options for enterprise-ready mobile devises, modified mobile solutions and custom mobile initiatives. Our collection of versatile smartphones utilizes robust operating systems from Android 10 to the latest version to provide the best user interface and 5G technology. Our engineers, developers, and R&D team have over 40 years of experience in electronics and digital technology. When we started producing premier, affordable smartphones in 2012, we created a unique selection of options for any budget. When you choose a NUU  device, you get the benefits of other smartphone operating systems and more. As a custom smartphone manufacturer, we make it our goal to ensure built-in personalization and intelligent designs to meet the needs of our customers.

Digital Landscape Changing

Android and other smartphone technologies have changed the digital landscape significantly over the past 10 years. NUU is one of the first custom smartphone manufacturers to incorporate Android technology into high-powered yet affordable devices.

Custom Smartphone Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing NUU devices over other systems, there are many benefits that come with our Google-certified Android devices. Some key benefits include:

  • Features: Our devices have a broad range of features that outshine the more subdued capabilities of other operating systems. Android devices offer enhanced gaming, fingerprint scanners, dual SIM cards, Mobile Device Management, greater camera and video capabilities, longer battery life, and more. NUU phones also utilize a USB-C charging port, making them universal with other modern device chargers.
  • Cost: Our goal as custom smartphone manufacturers is to build high-quality Android-powered devices that are budget friendly. NUU smartphones can be 90% more affordable than leading devices from other suppliers, with no compromise in features, storage, battery, or capabilities. A great example of our commitment to offering high-end products at customer-driven prices.
  • Storage: NUU devices have expansive storage capabilities, from the 32GB of our staple to the 128GB of our B15 and B20 phones. Our devices are also compatible with additional storage options, including support for microSD cards and seamless Google Drive systems.
  • PC Pairing: For any type of Windows-operated computer, Android phones sync easily for file transfers, cloud connections, and more. This allows you to introduce more secure storage services for your data, documents, contacts, and other information between your devices. With Android phones, information can be transferred by USB cable, cloud systems, or Bluetooth technology.
  • Customizability: NUU devices are designed for the complete customization of the user interface and aesthetics. Android systems offer multiple options for home screen design, icon and font sizes, themes, third-party launch systems, apps, sonics, and other features. Our smartphones have notably greater customization controls compared to other leading brands.


For high-quality, affordable Android smartphones that give you greater control over your device, NUU is an exceptional option. For more information about us as a custom smartphone manufacturer, fill out our contact form today. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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