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Benefits of Advances in Mobile Medical Technology with a Custom Android Device Manufacturer

Both mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) have become essential tools for many industries, especially after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic forced thousands of people to work, learn, and live remotely. While the worst of the coronavirus has passed, the use of telehealth, work-from-home systems, and even virtual learning options remains. In fact, the quick development of virtual technologies was a positive result of the pandemic, and today it’s changing the landscape of medical care and telehealth capabilities. As a custom Android device manufacturer, NUU Enterprise specializes in building tailored mobile health systems with MDM and EMM capabilities that allow our customers to expand their telemedicine technology. Our Android-powered smartphones and other devices open doors for medical care providers and patients to communicate, record data, deliver treatment, and more.

Custom Android Device Manufacturer

There are many benefits that the advancement of modern mobile technology provides for the healthcare industry. MDM software allows admins to control, secure, automate updates, lock down the device to certain apps, and wipe the device remotely among other features. Customized smartphones configured for patient use can serve as short-term-use tools for communication between care providers, patients, and administration. For all parties using mobile devices for medical care, the following benefits can be integrated into smartphone or tablet devices via added applications:

  • Better care administration: When care providers and administrators use integrated applications to organize appointments, record patient histories, and share secure information, treatment is improved overall. Mobile healthcare devices open well-structured communication pathways between all parties.
  • Accurate medication records: In addition to the fact that many patients on multiple medications don’t necessarily know the name or dosage of all those treatments, patient medical records are needed when new care providers are introduced. Mobile devices can be programmed to keep clean, easy-to-access records while adhering to HIPAA and other data security laws.
  • Consistency with medication: Mobile devices can also act as reminders and trackers for medication use. This means patients are less likely to forget to finish a medication or take it incorrectly. The accurate and consistent administration of medication and the compliance of the patient to take it correctly improve patient safety and long-term health.
  • Remote patient monitoring: Patient monitoring is critical for chronic conditions, post-surgery recovery, and many other health aspects. Telehealth makes it easy to keep track of patients by using remote systems to send care providers crucial data that is collected, entered, and stored.
  • Quicker patient care: In addition to allowing for remote monitoring over an extended period of time, mobile healthcare also connects patients to providers more quickly than in-person contact. Patients have access to 24/7/365 care for a broad range of health complaints without the scheduling wait or the need to take time off work for an in-person appointment.

Technology Used by Custom Android Devices

NUU designs quality telemedicine technology systems as a custom Android device manufacturer, such as our A23 enterprise smartphone. For more information about MDM and our other technology and services as a custom Android device manufacturer, fill out our contact form. Contact our technical support for device troubleshooting at (844) 688-3365 or [email protected].

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